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ETFs are a fast growing industry because they bring significant value to the table when compared to Mutual Funds. Here’s why ETFs are becoming such a popular asset class.

Like a Mutual Fund, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) invest in a block of securities and the investor receives shares in the fund he or she selects. This instantly eliminates the dangers associated with single stock risk. Since you own a basket of stocks, if one of the companies goes bankrupt or under performs, you don’t lose your entire investment.

Plus, with ETFs you have a wide range of investment possibilities available, ranging from indexes to international, currency, commodities, fixed income, junk bonds, Real Estate Investment Trusts and interest rates, just to name a few.......Read more about ETF

Introducing the Golden Crossover Trading System

Dear Investor, Wall Street Sector Selector is happy to offer you the the Golden Crossover Trading System, an effective trading system that anyone can use to help dodge the devastation of bear markets. Best of all, you can download this report for FREE by simply signing up here!

With a clearly defined trading system such as the Golden Crossover Trading System, you can take advantage of hot sectors, trade without having to listen to financial news, and work to protect your investment from bear markets and even seek profits in down markets by using inverse or bear market ETFs.......Read more about Golden Crossover Trading System

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Hot Stocks on Tuesday, April 22

Hot Stocks on Tuesday, April 22

April 23, 2014 8:00 am
Television pundit catches the GWPH buzz and points out that it is not one of those “medical marijuana” stocks. GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GWPH) was our hottest of the...
Eurozone Retail Remains Weak: Weekly International ETF Reportview all
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