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Investors Remain Cautious ahead of GDP Report

Investors were risk-averse on Tuesday, as attention focused on tougher sanctions against Russia and anxiety about Wednesday’s release of GDP data

IMF Warns On Global Growth

IMF warns that rising interest rates could cut global growth

Twitter Earnings Beat Estimates

Twitter earnings come in better than expected

Argentina Debt Talks Come Down To Wire

Argentina debt talks continue as Wednesday deadline approaches

EU Imposes Tougher Sanctions on Russia

Today in Brussels the European Union settled on sanctions which restrict Russia’s right to use bank financing and advanced technology

Another Selling Wave for 3D Printing Stocks

The week began with another selloff of 3D printing stocks, as investors again lost their appetites for speculation

Merger Activity Fuels Stock Market Advance

A weekend of merger activity helped give the stock market a modest advance on Monday.

Carl Icahn Versus Bill Ackman, Who Will Win?

The contest between Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman continues

European ETFs Rocked by Ukraine

European ETFs have been rocked by Ukraine but can also present opportunity

Merkel Wants the EU to Man-up on Sanctions Against Russia

Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for more sanctions against Russia

Eurozone’s Cross-Currents: Weekly International ETF Report

The Eurozone’s economic expansion is being hampered by geopolitical turmoil and unrelenting sluggishness in France

Latest Bullets from Federal Reserve’s James Bullard

On July 17, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard, gave us some insight on the Fed’s monetary policy

Surprising Drop in Gold Prices: Weekly Gold ETF Update

Gold investors became anxious as the yellow metal’s price fell, despite ongoing geopolitical turmoil.

Euro Fades on Dollar Strength: Weekly Currency ETF Report

The euro lost more unwanted strength last week, as a stronger dollar made life easier for the European Central Bank

Dow Jones Industrial Average Loses 17,000 Again

Dow Jones Industrial Average loses psychologically and technically important 17,000 level in volatile week

Investors See Ongoing Surge in Rail Traffic

Investors are keeping a close eye on the latest news from the transportation sector, which serves as a measure of economic health

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