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European Markets Up on Ceasefire Agreement

European markets responded to the ceasefire agreement between Russia and the Ukraine

Low Interest Rates Makes Refinancing Attractive

U.S. homeowners are losing savings by not refinancing their mortgage loans

Ukraine Cease Fire Creates Optimism for the U.S. Stock Market

A Ukraine cease fire appears to be in the works

Most 3D Printing Stocks Stumble on Monday

Most 3D printing stocks took hard falls on Monday, although Stratasys (NASDAQ:SSYS) continued to head higher

Hot Stocks on Tuesday, September 2

Buyout agreement sends trucking fleet management device company to the top of our hot stocks list for Tuesday

Apple Stock Rising on Hopes of the iPhone 6

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stocks have gained 1.1% in the last three sessions

Economic News Sends S&P 500 to Record High

Tuesday’s economic news sent the S&P 500 to a record high, before falling oil prices caused the energy sector to drag the Dow and the S&P lower

Tesla Motor Inc., Looks to the Future

Tesla Motor Inc. shares are trading at $

Dollar Strengthens on Strong Manufacturing Report

Strong economic reports, especially manufacturing data, has pushed the US dollar (NYSEARCA:UUP) higher

Will Biotech ETFs Continue to Soar?

After the four major biotech ETFs had a big week, questions about profit-taking and risk aversion lie ahead

Update on Last Week’s Hot Stocks

Take a look at how some of last week’s “hot stocks” fared in the aftermath of their big advances.

Bad Economic News Is Good News on Monday

In China and Europe, disappointing economic news in the form of declining PMI data, fed investors’ hopes for central bank intervention

Will September Stock Market Be Scary?

The September stock market has a bad reputation for poor performance, and as August draws to a close, investors wonder what September will bring

New Eurozone Headaches: Weekly International ETF Report

The sluggish Eurozone economy continues to experience a sinking inflation rate, as doubts remain about the outlook for a cure

Dow Jones Industrial Average Posts Strong August Performance

Dow Jones Industrial Average and other major U.S. stock indexes post strong gains for August

Ukraine Conflict Boosts Gold Prices: Weekly Gold ETF Update

Gold prices advanced last week as the Ukrainian conflict intensified

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