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baltic dry index ETF Library   ETF Trading TipsBaltic Dry Indicator

Learn how the Baltic Dry Index can generate BUY or SELL signals for ETF investors based on demands for shipping capacity versus the world’s supply of cargo ships.  Read more about the Baltic Dry Indicator!


potus flag ETF Library   ETF Trading TipsPresidential Stock Market

Which political party does the stock market “favor?”  How does the S&P 500 perform against a Republican or Democratic President?  Find out how the stock market performs for both US political parties.


kate upton1 ETF Library   ETF Trading Tips

Photo: Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Indicator

We all love the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine, especially when the cover model predicts excellent stock market performance for the year.  Find out just what type of cover model predicts growth for the S&P 500!


super bowl indicator ETF Library   ETF Trading TipsSuper Bowl Indicator

Hopefully your favorite NFL team is a a member of the conference which indicates a bullish S&P 500 80% of the time!  Find out which teams the S&P 500 roots for!


january signposts ETF Library   ETF Trading TipsJanuary Signposts

January brings along a new year and with it several stock market indicators worth watching.  Learn more about which January signposts predict stock market performance!


sell in may and go away ETF Library   ETF Trading TipsSell In May And Go Away?

We investors have all heard the phrase “Sell in May and Go Away,” and historically speaking, selling in May may be a good idea.  Learn more about avoiding the doldrums of summer!


green number 2 ETF Library   ETF Trading TipsTwo ETFs For Any Season

In these challenging markets, are there any “safe harbors” anymore for investors?  Find out which two ETFs can offer potential to investors in these tumultuous markets.


sector rotation ETF Library   ETF Trading Tips

chart courtesy of

Are Sector Rotation and Stock Picking Dead?

With so much liquidity pumped into markets after The Great Recession, one may wonder if traditional sector rotation and stock picking are dead.  The question remains: are sector rotation and stock picking dead?


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