The U.S. Has Gone Over The Real Fiscal Cliff Years Ago

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Nearly everyday after the U.S. presidential election we have heard about the U.S. fiscal cliff.

dive The U.S. Has Gone Over The Real Fiscal Cliff Years Ago This is a term used by the media and politicians to describe the effects that will automatically kick in at the end of 2012. Americans can expect automatic tax increases and spending cuts, which is what the politicians are supposedly trying to do anyway. So why not just simply go off of the cliff and let nature take its course? You see, the politicians want to capitalize on the moment and appear as if they won something in these ridiculous negotiations that are taking place right now. Politicians never fail to take advantage of the “political theater” in Washington. The District of Columbia should be called Hollywood or Broadway with all of this acting and drama that takes place.

The only way anything productive ever gets done by politicians is when there is a crisis of some sort. Currently, fifty percent of the country does not pay taxes. There are wars that the United States is involved in all over the world. People on welfare, or government assistance in the U.S. is now around 47.0 million. Please keep in mind, there is roughly 300 million people living in the United States. Social Security is broke, and the national debt is over 16.2 trillion dollars and growing. In my humble opinion, I can’t believe we are even discussing a fiscal cliff.

Can a household run on unlimited debt? The answer to this question is no. If an individual does not pay his/her bills they will go bust and have to file for bankruptcy. A family cannot simply live off of their credit cards forever. At some point, the credit issuing bank will simply cut the family off and no longer lend them any money, however, in government it is different. The government can continue to borrow and borrow more money from a host of different places. The best solution for us all might be to simply go over the so called fiscal cliff.

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