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Hot Stocks on Thursday, April 17

A mystery lies behind the move to the top of our list of “hot stocks” for Thursday

Tech Stocks Struggle on Thursday

The momentum which tech stocks experienced on Wednesday hard to find on Thursday

Hot Stocks on Wednesday, April 16

Wednesday’s big stock market advance brought plenty of double-digit gains for a wide variety of stocks

Federal Reserve Beige Book Is a Bit Different This Month

The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book indicated a decline in economic activity for the St. Louis and Cleveland Districts

Solar Stocks Get Rescued from Coal Mine

With the help of concerned citizens, solar stocks finally made it out of the dark on Wednesday

Hot Stocks on Tuesday, April 15

Technology stocks dominated our list on Tuesday

Homebuilder Confidence Is Unchanged in April

April’s reading of the homebuilder confidence was the same as the initial reading for March

3D Printing Stocks Get Some Love on Tuesday

After receiving regular beatings since April began, 3D printing stocks were united with some enthusiastic buyers on Tuesday

Dow Jones Industrial Average Fights For the 50s

After its recent drubbing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fights for the all important 50 day moving average. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (NYSEARCA:DIA) has fallen some 400 points from its early April high and recently fell below the widely watched 50 day moving average. After putting in an intermediate term bottom just above 16,000 [&hellip

Hot Stocks on Monday, April 14

Good news for Goodrich Petroleum put the company at the top of our list of “hot stocks” on Monday

Investors Continue to Unload 3D Printing Stocks

Monday’s tech sector rebound did nothing for most 3D printing stocks – except Stratasys.

Why the Dow Is Likely to Follow the Nasdaq Down

Will Dow follow Nasdaq down

Stock Market Pops On Monday

U.S. stock market jumps after rough week

Consumer Sentiment Index Fails to Motivate Investors

Investors received some upbeat economic news with Friday’s release of the preliminary Consumer Sentiment Index for April

FOMC Member Tarullo Talks About Jobs

FOMC member Daniel Tarullo discussed the question of whether Federal Reserve monetary policy can really improve the employment situation

Japan after the Sales Tax: Weekly International ETF Report

While Japanese stocks have been falling with the recent strengthening of the yen, the nation has seen little impact from its sales tax hike

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