European Stocks Fade after Greek Debt Deal

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With the exception of Germany’s DAX Index, the major European stock indices declined after enthusiasm about the Greek debt deal faded.

With the exception of Germany’s DAX Index, most of the major European stock indices slipped slightly into the red on Tuesday after investors had a chance to realize that the Greek debt deal reached by EU finance ministers (who now call earth image European Stocks Fade after Greek Debt Dealthemselves the Eurogroup) was not much of a deal at all (NYSEARCA:VGK).  The approach of piling more debt onto Greece is another example of fighting fire with fire.  The Eurogroup has simply announced that they are finally ready to consider some approaches which include such incremental steps as cutting guarantee costs for Greece’s European Financial Stability Facility loans by 10 basis points (0.10 percent), lowering interest rates on the Greek Loan Facility by one percent and deferred interest payments on European Financial Stability Facility loans for ten years.  The elephant in the room which the Eurogroup ignored was the need to write down some of Greece’s debt (NYSEARCA:GREK).  With German elections approaching in 2013, that can was kicked down the road.

The FTSE 100 Index managed to cling to a slight 0.18 percent advance as a result of a report from Britain’s Office for National Statistics, indicating that the nation’s third quarter GDP expanded by one percent:

Although it was the strongest quarterly growth since 2007, the resulting level of GDP remains 3 per cent lower than the pre-recession peak recorded at the beginning of 2008.

As of 11:15 EST, the Euro STOXX 50 Index dipped 0.06 percent to 2,541 – staying above its 50-day moving average of 2,509 (NYSEARCA:VGK).  The FTSE 100 Index advanced 0.18 percent to 5,797 (NYSEARCA:EWU).  The German DAX Index climbed 0.60 percent to 7,335 (NYSEARCA:EWG). France’s CAC 40 Index slipped 0.09 percent to 3,497 (NYSEARCA:EWQ). Spain’s IBEX 35 Index fell 0.40 percent to 7,843 (NYSEARCA:EWP).  Italy’s FTSE MIB Index declined 0.32 percent to 15,470 (NYSEARCA:EWI).

As of 11:24 EST, the euro declined 0.32 percent against the dollar, trading at $1.2931 (NYSEARCA:FXE).  Dollar Remains Broadly Higher vs. Rivals

Spain’s ten-year bond yield sank to 5.52 percent on Tuesday from Monday’s closing level of 5.61 percent.  Spain’s two-year bond yield dropped to 2.92 percent on Tuesday from Monday’s closing level of 3.00 percent (NYSEARCA:EWP).

Italy’s ten-year bond yield dipped to 4.77 percent on Tuesday from Monday’s closing level of 4.78 percent (NYSEARCA:EWI).

On London’s ICE Futures Europe Exchange, January futures for Brent crude oil declined by 74 cents (0.67 percent) to $110.18/bbl. (NYSEARCA:BNO, NYSEARCA:USO).

December Gold futures declined by $4.00 (0.23 percent) to $1,745.60 per ounce (NYSEARCA:GLD).  The “Two Outlooks” for Gold Prices

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