VIX ETNS Pop In Anticipation of Post Election Volatility

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VIX, the CBOE S&P 500 Volatility Index, and VIX ETNs spiked higher today as the world’s most sophisticated players eye tomorrow’s election.

fear girl1 VIX ETNS Pop In Anticipation of Post Election VolatilityMuch has been written about which sectors and stocks will benefit from the outcome of tomorrow’s election, however, participants in the CBOE options volatility world are placing their bets on the likelihood of increased stock market volatility and potentially lower prices for equities and higher prices for VIX ETNs in the days ahead, regardless of who wins the Presidential election.  DIA, SPY Election Despair in 2013 No Matter Who Wins

On election eve, VIX popped to 18.42, still well below its long term average of the mid-20s, however, well above recent lows in the mid 14 range.

vix110512 VIX ETNS Pop In Anticipation of Post Election Volatility

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In the chart of VIX above, we can see how the index has made a recent sharp reversal and now resides above both its 50 and 200 day moving averages which would anticipate higher volatility, higher VIX ETN prices and lower equity prices ahead.  VIX has rarely had a year like 2012 in which it hasn’t traded above 30 which makes one wonder if higher prices for VIX aren’t ahead since it tends to be a mean reversion type of index.  How High Might VIX Spike.

Also, VIX ended Monday’s trade in “backwardation,” a term which means that shorter term futures contracts are more expensive than longer term contracts and this is a situation that has only occurred on three previous occasions.   This means that market players see more volatility in the short term than over periods beyond thirty days from now.

Another example of short term nervousness was the skew in favor of VIX call options today on the CBOE with more than 65% of options trades being calls which represent investors betting on higher prices for volatility and lower prices for equities ahead.  Today’s action was also unusual in that equities, VIX and VIX ETNs all rose on the same day rather than moving inversely to one another in their usual fashion.

This indicates that the most sophisticated traders in the world are betting on more volatility, higher VIX prices and lower equity prices ahead.

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