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The Abenomics Surprises Just Keep Coming …

A Failing Scheme

Investing in China Automobile Earnings Growth

There are many ways to play the growth of China’s middle class


The fundamental and technical picture, both the bullish and bearish, & tips for distinguishing between normal corrections and the big plunges

World Markets Weekend Update: A Bizarre Spread

This past week saw the biggest spread so far this year in the weekly performance of the top and bottom indexes on my watch list.

Japan after the Sales Tax: Weekly International ETF Report

While Japanese stocks have been falling with the recent strengthening of the yen, the nation has seen little impact from its sales tax hike

Our Global System of Governance is Failing…

This drama of flight 370 — the latest being the ping/no ping saga — has really got my blood boiling.

Joe Friday….Global Markets Look Vulnerable to these!

Joe Friday….However, the world looks vulnerable to these rising wedge patterns

Investing in the Oldest Commodity

Forget Precious Metals

Climate Change to impact everybody according to IPCC

Climate Change is going to impact everybody according to the latest IPCC report on global warming and climate change.

Insubordinate ‘Maverick’ Orban Wins Another Election

‘Not a Nice Guy’

The FTSE 100 Bounces Back – Now Eyes Are On The Fed

Following on from a strong session in the USA overnight, the FTSE 100 gained in early London trading

Faceoff on Greece: An Interim Update

About two years ago the situation in Greece was at a flashpoint. It was at the top of the list of investor worries

Growing Unrest in the Eastern Ukraine

Pro-Russian Demonstrations Flare Up Again

A Setback for Emerging Markets: Weekly International ETF Report

The March HSBC Emerging Markets Index fell for the fourth consecutive month, although expectations remain high

Sprott’s John Embry: Gold And Silver Making A Bottom?

In a recent interview, John Embry, Sprott Asset Management, discussed factors in the global economy that are bullish for gold

The Banquet of Consequences

Why we’ve earned the coming future of resource scarcity

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