In Case You Were Wondering Who the Mainstream Media DOESN’T Support…

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In Case You Were Wondering Who the Mainstream Media DOESN’T Support…

images(2) In Case You Were Wondering Who the Mainstream Media DOESN’T Support…Crouching Corn Dogs, Hidden Agendas: The Coverage of the Iowa Straw Poll

Management of the news by the vested interests and status quo could not be more obvious in this case.

The problem with Ron Paul is that agree or disagree with him, he is honest, consistent, and he doesn’t sell out his opinions for lobbyist money.

I don’t care for some of his positions on civil rights, and the other ‘intrusions of government’ to protect the rights of people against majorities.

Not every crook carries a gun, and not every man and woman carries their dignity in their wallet. There is such a thing as an overly narrow interpretation of the Constitution. Paul may have moderated on these positions, but I have not yet heard it, and he needs to weave that into his overall philosophy to be credible. But on the economic front he is better than most on several points. 

Ron Paul has ‘third party’ written all over him. The status quo of the powerful and their demimonde in the media fear him, and will do all that they can to stifle his message. Given the chance, they will do a ‘Ross Perot’ him. What was done to Perot, the real threats to harm his daughter, and then the media circus painting him as ‘a nut’ for going public with them, was disgraceful. 

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