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Stocks Fail to Benefit from Earnings Reports

Many stocks for companies which reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings on Wednesday, finished Thursday’s session in the red

Stock Market Could Soar on Thursday

If you base your investing strategy on Wednesday’s stock market action, you might have a bad time on Thursday.

Earnings Reports Send Stock Market Higher on Tuesday

The stock market surged again on Tuesday, after a batch of better-than-expected earnings reports sent the S&P 500 to day 6 of its winning streak.

Upbeat Economic News Sends Stock Market Higher

The stock market received more encouraging economic news on Monday, when the Leading Economic Index climbed to 100.9.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Rallies Again

Dow Jones Industrial Average rallies again

Weekend Events in Ukraine Could Threaten Stock Market

Despite Thursday’s agreement concerning the Ukrainian crisis, ongoing turmoil in the region could impact Monday’s stock market activity.

Three Reasons for Thursday’s Stock Market Advance

Easing tensions in the Ukraine, good news on the unemployment crisis and upbeat earnings reports sent the stock market higher on Thursday

Economic Reports Boost Stock Market on Wednesday

The stock market climbed higher on Wednesday as industrial production increased more than expected during March.

Stock Market Advance Gains Traction on Tuesday

Tuesday’s stock market surge brought the Dow back above its 50-day moving average.

Manic Monday Returns to Stock Market

After “Manic Monday” returned to the stock market, fears of “Turnaround Tuesday” brought a brief, afternoon pullback.

Momentum Stocks Rebound

Momentum stocks rebound on Monday

Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops Again

Dow Jones Industrial Average falls with other major indexes

Stock Market Selloff Continues on Friday

Friday’s stock market decline expanded beyond the technology sector.

Brutal Stock Market Selloff Resumes on Thursday

Wednesday’s stock market advance lacked the volume to support a sustained rally.

Fed Minutes Turbocharge Stock Market on Wednesday

The stock market continued its recovery on Wednesday, until the release of the minutes from the March FOMC meeting sent stocks soaring

Stock Market Comes Up for Air on Tuesday

A rebound by the beaten-down technology sector helped the stock market gain some traction for an advance on Tuesday

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