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Position Sizing of Diverisfiers

In years past I wrote frequently about the role of diversifiers in the portfolios I manage

Germany Agrees To Euro Bailout, Next Up Is QE-3

Earlier today, the Constitutional Court ruled that the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is legal

The Introductory Guide to Real Estate ETF Investing

The U.S. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) industry has managed to surge so far in 2012, driven by strengthening fundamentals for commercial real estate

7 Reasons Materials Are Poised To Break Higher

Materials may be in the process of switching from market laggards to market leaders

Gasoline Has 2008 Highs In Its Site

Everyone knows that the price of gasoline has been surging higher at the pump.

ECB Meeting Doesn’t Change the Euro’s Ultimate Fate

One of the most anticipated ECB meetings in history occurred last week, and with it the European crisis entered a new phase.

Is Silver vulnerable to a large decline right now?

The chart above reflects key falling resistance is at hand in Silver ETF (SLV) and Silver Wheaton (SLW) and bullish sentiment toward Silver is getting lofty

This New Breakthrough Promises to End the Pain

A team of researchers at Harvard University just reported a fantastic new medical breakthrough – in the form of a hydrogel

Is The Decline In Positive Payrolls Revisions A Warning Sign

Most economic reports should come with a warning: the data is subject to revision.

German Court Ruling: What The Market Reaction Tells Us

The markets are quiet today, following a German court ruling that allowed the ECB bond buying program to move forward.

Are Silver ETFs Back on Track?

After peaking in April of 2011, silver prices have had trouble regaining their lofty levels.

McDonald’s Sales Improve Despite Global Challenges

Mcdonalds is once again reporting that its monthly same-store-sales are climbing

Why Dividend Investors Should Worry About an Obama Victory

I don’t have to tell you there is a lot at stake for dividend investors in November

Wunderbar Wednesday – $650Bn ESM Approved – So What?

The German courts approved the ESM and the markets are up almost half a point in all the excitement.

Are MLPs Too Good to Be True?

But as Darren Schuringa explains MLPs are a different animal, and investors in this space will need some specialized metrics in their toolkits

China’s Stockpile Effort Could Stabilize Rare Earth Metals

Brandon Tirpak shares his first-hand impressions of rare earth projects set to shine as leadership around the globe goes resource shopping.

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